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I started working with my mom at the age of 13 when she owned a local flower shop.  Over the years I increased my floral knowledge with working with the top designers in the Santa Barbara area. My passion and the love of flowers have never stopped

I have over 30 years of experience with consistent devotion  to clients and I have reowned for my creativity and unique style including my distiniguished Mood Moss Wreaths.

I have owned a small retail flower shop and have worked with top floral designers while living both in Europe & The United States.  I have also lived in Hawaii where I worked as a free-lance designers primarily working with tropical flowers.  

Whatever your event may be, I will create a long lasting experience for you and all your guests to remember


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Mamma's Beauty

A fun color combination of Orange, Fushia's, Lime greens, and Burgandy, The white and blue flowers consist of Hydrangeas's, roses, sunflowers, gerber daisies, spider mums,poppy pods, thistle and mood moss filled in a wooden rectangle 

24"x 10"

Artistically designed classic of combinations of white hydrangeas, white roses, poppy pods, shells, deer moss, mums with garden scented geranium foliage crates a classic combination in a rustic wooden box.  

11 "x 15"

Placed lovely in a rustic wooden box consisting of light blue hydrangeas, white roses, blue thistle, dusty miller and white Lizanthas.

 7"x 7" 

Crisp all white flowers in a shell accent hobnail milk glass vase with shades & textures of white hydrangea's, roses, dusty miller with Eucalyptus pods, and flat leaf fern, scented Geranium & Shells

16" x 12"   

A punch of color packed in a glass vase.  The proteas, Roses, Hydrangea, starfish and shells with Scented Geranium and other fillers

9"x9" x9" 


an affair to remeber



urban pinks

hearts delight

Nature brought inside for you to enjoy this wonderful arrangement designed in a birch box filled with pink hydrangeas, pink roses, white lizanthus, dusty miller, flat fern and maiden hair fern.

8"x 8"  

A sweet heart of baby Roses(35-40) backed with lavender loving placed in a Gift Box (Offered in a variety of colors)

10" x 8 1/2"  

Crisp all white flowers in a hobnail milk glass vase with shades and textures of White Hydrangeas's, Roses, Dusty Miller with Gam Nuts and Flat leaf fern and shells


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